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84th Entry

84th Entry blazer badge. RAF Roundel. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants. RAF Roundel. 84th Entry blazer badge. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants.

Change log for 2018

5 Dec 18 Update website

5 Dec 18 Changed layout of Crossword Clues page to give links to Clues, Hints and solution PDFs

5 Dec 18 Changed presentation of Crosswords Clues pages to use PDF files based on spreadsheets to enable easy backups

4 Dec 18 Updated website

4 Dec 18 Updated RAFLAA Box list link on Timeline and Memorabilia pages

4 Dec 18 Added RAFLAA Box page

4 Dec 18 Added Links on Timeline to RAFLAA Box page

3 Dec 18 Updated 84th Entry Memorabilia Archives list on Timeline and Memorabilia pages

30 Nov 18 Updated website

30 Nov 18 completed changing page names

28 Nov 18 Added new page Teddy Boys to and more…

28 Nov 18 Added button on Tony Beard’s page to Golden Entry

26 Nov 18 updated Entry Websites page (added 93rd Entry, removed defunct 216th)

19 Nov 18 Updated website

19 Nov 18 Added four Crossword Clues, Hints and Solutions

15 Nov 18 Started changing page names

15 Nov 18 Redid Reunions at Thrupp

15 Nov 18 Added photo to ‘84’ page 7

22 Oct 18 Added page RAF Eagle to Even more…

28 Sep 18 Updated website

24 Sep 18 Moved Freedom of Weston page from Members to sub-menu of RAF Locking page

24 Sep 18 Updated Current Locations

8 Sep 18 Moved Hut Numbering to sub-menu of RAF Locking page

8 Sep 18 Moved Apprentice Monument to sub-menu of RAF Locking page

8 Sep 18 Moved Gate Guardian to sub-menu of RAF Locking page

8 Sep 18 Moved Locking Reviews to sub-menu of RAF Locking page

8 Sep 18 Moved Over and Out to sub-menu of RAF Locking page

8 Sep 18 Added new RAF Locking page to main menu

8 Sep 18 Moved Photos and Plans page to RAF Locking

8 Sep 18 Renamed old RAF Locking page to Photos and Plans

8 Sep 18 Moved Memories to More… page

2 Sep 18 Added Gate Guardians page to even more…

31 Aug 18 Added Locking Reviews page with links to all known Locking Reviews online

31 Aug 18 Moved Locking Review to Les James and added link on his menu

31 Aug 18 Added photo gallery to Hamish McCrackers page

31 Aug 18 Added link to page Sgt Sparky McDougal on Hamish McCrackers page

21 Aug 18 Amended Tony Mooney’s Service details page

20 Aug 18 Added four Passing Out Day photos to Tony Beard Album 2 and Passing Out Photos page

20 Aug 18 Replaced ‘Ceres’ photo on Tony Beard Album 1 with slightly better quality one

20 Aug 18 Added three more clues to Crossword clues, Crossword hints and Crossword solutions

20 Aug 18 Split More… into three pages (More…, and more…, even more… and rearranged their contents

20 Aug 18 Added new page Recruiting Pamphlet

19 Added link to more editions on the Locking Review page

19 Aug 18 Added Crossword Hints sub-page to Crossword clues

12 Aug 18 Updated Over and Out page

12 Aug 18 Added Monument to Even more… page

12 Aug 18 Updated Memorabilia page

12 Aug 18 Added Locking Display page to Memorabilia

12 Aug 18 Added two images to RAF Locking page

8 Aug 18 Added Monument to Timeline page

8 Aug 18 Added Monument page

8 Aug 18 Redid Hamish McCrackers page

8 Aug 18 Added Monument to Links page

29 Jul 18 Updated Memorabilia page

29 Jul 18 Added crossword clues 18 & 19 and solutions

28 Jun 18 Added crossword clue no.17

25 Jun 18 Updated list of archives on Memorabilia page

19 Jun 18 Added three crossword clues and solutions

19 Jun 18 Added links on Reunions page to 1 November 17 and 16 May 18

19 Jun 18 Added page 16 May 18 to Reunions

19 Jun 18 Added photo to ‘84’ page 7

18 Jun 18 Added Remembrance page for Mike Barnes

26 May 18 Corrected typo in Mike Barnes profile

13 Mar 18 Removed Site Search page as Serif is ceasing support for Web Resources which includes Smart Objects

13 Mar 18 Some housekeeping on Beard photos, 84th Entry List and Archives list

09 Feb 18 Corrected links to 26/27 Jul 2009 Photo pages

08 Feb 18 Added correct photos to Copper Kyte’s 26/27 Jul 2009 Photos page

07 Feb 18 Fixed Search page indexing error

05 Feb 18 Added link to Profiles page on the Profiles Booklet page

05 Feb 18 Added 2018 to Change Log page and changed links to navbar

05 Feb 18 Added new page Photos to Reunion 26 & 27 July 2009 with a selection of photos from the event (no captions yet)

05 Feb 18 Added 8 crossword clues and solutions