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84th Entry

84th Entry blazer badge. RAF Roundel. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants. RAF Roundel. 84th Entry blazer badge. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants.


Chunkie’s Charlies

1. Born in the NAAFI under P/O Scott

In the first six months we learnt a lot

Now we’ve been in for 2 years or more

And soon we’ll be knocking on (the) PO door.

Chorus: Chunkie’s, Chunkie’s Charlies,

Kings of the No. 1 Wing.

2. Adolf Skull is our Mascot

And of him we think a lot.

The sprogs all kiss and then bow low,

For we’re the best and they all know.


3. Stringy Cord taught us all we know

And when he left it was a blow

But have no fear, he never let us down,

For now he keeps a pub in Bristol town.


4. Chunky took over from P/O Scott,

We thought he’d make our life real hot,

He’s been a good chap as you can see,

So we’ll have 3 cheers for F.W.T.


5. Our Squadron Leader is called Catley

He rules us all 24 hours a day,

His No. 1 man is Chiefy Price

Who details us with words of advice.


6. Corporal Whydle’s in charge of drill

He knows it all, been through the mill.

He owns a bike which goes squeak squeak,

Now he’s looking for another that goes weep weep.


7. We spent a fortnight down at Lulworth Cove,

And there our Spirit was clearly wove,

Unto something warm and very strong,

And now we can’t do a blinking thing wrong!


8. We are the boys of the 84th.

The best set of chaps that ever set forth,

And when we leave this school of fame

The Squadron spirit will never be the same.


(Composed by the 84th on their 2nd year birthday, 19th Sept. 1958)