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84th Entry

84th Entry blazer badge. RAF Roundel. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants. RAF Roundel. 84th Entry blazer badge. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants.

Squadron Leader Pattinson

By 84th Entry members

Tony Mooney took this photo in Southill, Bedfordshire on Sunday 4 Jun 17. It gave rise to an exchange of correspondence on the 84th Entry Forum from which we quote below:

It turns out that this blue Bugatti EFA 781 is a replica built for himself by George Fearn. See a description of it here.

In a email on 13 Jun 17 Harvey Morton said:

“Squadron Leader Pattinson had no less than 2 Bugattis and a powerful motor bike. I think he might have been OC 'B' Squadron. He was also O I/C Sailing for the Apprentice Wing and on one of his visits to Cheddar Reservoir he gave me a lift back to Locking in his Type 35, very similar to the one in the photo (below), a rare experience. His other Bug was a saloon.”

In another email on the same day Harvey added:

The Bugatti in the photo (above) is very similar to the one owned by S/Ldr Pattinson. Same blue colour, it is Italian after all, and was a 2 seater, one driver and an engineer!! Outside hand brake and gear change so no opportunity for a bit of hanky panky excused as a fumbled gear change, and an exhaust sound to die for. The saloon was a bit more sedate, was it a 'Royale'? It was two tone in dark colours.

In an email also dated 13 Jun 17 Nobby Clarke said:

“Yes, it is as Harvey said. Two owned by Pattinson. A type 35 (which did not have the original engine) and the saloon which had an ugly backend, like a Ford 8. That did have the original engine. I know because he let me have a look at it.”

In another email on 13 Jun 17 Bryan Hobbs said there were two Bugattis. One was a single seater blue car which always seemed to come home towed by a Landrover; the other was a huge black saloon with a long shiny engine. As it passed at about 30 mph one could count the piston strokes!

Stan Folds chipped in with an email on 14 Jun 17:

“Harvey is right, I also had a lift from Axbridge in the saloon when slightly hypothermic after a capsize.”

We can’t find a ‘free to use’ image of a Bugatti Type 35  but here’s a link to a Wikipedia article all about this famous racing car:

Bugatti Type 35