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84th Entry

84th Entry blazer badge. RAF Roundel. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants. RAF Roundel. 84th Entry blazer badge. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants.


The reunion takes place over two days with more than half the guests arriving on Sunday 18 September and the rest arriving on Monday 19. The three course dinner will commence at 7.30 on the Monday evening.

Below is the full text of Tony Mooney’s email sent to the 84th Entry Forum on 24 August 2016. The text will be updated to include any additions or alterations to the event. The Forum will also receive an with any alterations and amendments so that all members are kept up to date.

You can view the two pages of the dinner menu here and here. We have included an open-top bus ride in the programme for Monday morning the time of which has yet to be decided.


Hi All

Most of our arrangements are now in place. To get the best out of your visit please read all the information below.

I’ll update you with more information as it becomes available.


a. Single room, single occupancy - £45 B&B per day

b. Double room, single occupancy - £65 B&B per day

c. Double room, double occupancy - £100 B&B per day

    d. These rates will be applied to your account irrespective of any higher rate you may have been quoted.

N.B. If you make your reservation through an agency any agent’s fee the Hotel has to pay is chargeable to your account.

The following bookings have been made by members:

Bench     18th / 19th

Mooney   18th / 19 th

Morton    18th / 19th

Runacres 18th / 19th

Orgill       ---- / 19th

Barnes     ---- / 19th

To secure the rooms we have reserved double rooms for the following members who said they would attend. These reservations are easily changed either by you by calling Emma at the Royal Hotel on 01934 423100 or by letting me know through the forum, direct email or on 01767 640124. (Gerry, I believe you will be not be staying but going home instead. Please let me know and I’ll tell Emma.)

Folds     18th / 19th

Hobbs    18th / 19th

Shilcock   --– / 19th

Rich       18th / 19th

Arrival / Departure / Parking:

Rooms are available from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and rooms should be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

The Hotel has private parking. If you arrive before 3 p.m. please go to Reception and ask for a Parking Permit.

Dinner on Monday 19th:

We can select the dinner from the main menu attached (two pages) with the exception of the Carvery Section. The price for the dinner is £32.50 per person to include 3 courses and house wine. As you can see from the menu this represents good value. Should you wish to have fewer than 3 courses you will be charged the menu prices unless the fixed price is cheaper than your choices.

The Hotel has asked that we let them know what our choices are by the 12th. Please let me have your choices asap. I’ll collate them let the Hotel know. You can tell Emma on 01934 423100 yourself if you want to but, please let me know if you do.


I mentioned three possible activities in my previous emails:

1. Apprentice Monument:

This was planned to be completed by “the end of the summer” but my latest information is that it hasn’t yet been started although the developers of Locking Parklands (previously RAF Locking) have said recently that it will be finished by the end of the year. You can keep up to date here. (At the moment it’s out of date.)

I have therefore left it out of the programme.

2. Helicopter Museum Visit and Helicopter Flight:

Helicopter Flights turned out to cost about £45 per person with a minimum booking of 24 persons.

The Museum is closed on the Monday but we could have arranged a timed visit at £10 per head but again the was a minimum requirement of 24.

The Museum is open on the Sunday but it is hosting an event. Individuals can still visit if they want to and pay the event price which I believe is £10.

I have therefore left both the Museum Visit and Helicopter Flight out of the programme.

3. Open-Top Bus Ride:

Gerry is finding out the bus time but it looks, from their website that there is a regular service.

I have included an Open-Top us ride in the programme for Tuesday morning after breakfast. I’ll let you have a firm time when I have the details.


Sunday 18th

Members arrive at their leisure and free to do what they wish.

Monday 19th

Open-Top Bus Ride after breakfast (time to be arranged).

Further members arrive.

2 p.m. Aperitif Bar available for setting-up Archives and Memorabilia.

3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Meet and Greet in the Aperitif Bar.

7.30 p.m. Dinner in a reserved area in the Hotel Dining Room.

Tuesday 20th

Members depart.

Ad hoc group visit to Locking Parklands for anyone who is interested.


a.  Stan, Bryan, Mike S, please confirm your room booking.

b.  Gerry please confirm that I can cancel your reserved room.

     c.  Make your dinner choices from the menu (not including the Carvery) and let me know asap but in any event before 12      Sep 16.

    d.  Obtain a Parking Permit from Reception if you arrive before 3 p.m.

I think that covers everything. I’m really looking forward to the Reunion and to seeing you all again.

Tony M

PS It’s not too late for anyone else to join in and come to our Reunion to celebrate the start of our Apprenticeship. This is probably our last major reunion due to our advancing years and our various ‘infirmities’ so why not come along for old times’ sake.