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Last updated on 26 April, 2020 at 4:55 PM

84th Entry

84th Entry blazer badge. RAF Roundel. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants. RAF Roundel. 84th Entry blazer badge. Apprentice Wheel. Also used for Boy Entrants.

Change log for 2020

26 Apr 20 Changed Memorabila page to avoid ‘floating’ Table and Pictures

26 Apr 20 Reinstated 81st Entry on Entry websites page

26 Apr 20 Repaired a number of broken links associated with Orgill’s photo page

23 Apr 20 Added two missing pages to Recruiting Pamphlet.

23 Apr 20 Added photo to As We Are Now

13 Apr 20 Added image to  84 - Page 7

13 Apr 20 Added funeral service details to Nobby Clarke Remembrance page

13 Apr 20 Added text to Apprentice Recruiting page

7 Apr 20 Amended text on Timeline page

5 Apr 20 Added new page Apprentice Recruiting to even more.. and deleted superceded pages

2 Apr 20 Added Library and beach photos to Mooney photos

2 Apr 20 Added Members and Memorabilia to sub-menus on main navbar

2 Apr 20 Added link to 1962 Apprentice to Home page

2 Apr 20 Amended Memorabilia page with additional text and links

1 Apr 20 Added new page Apprentice Prayer to even more..

1 Apr 20 Added link on Home page to 1959 Apprentice Video

17 Mar 20 Updated Archives list on 84th Entry Archives page

17 Mar 20 Added Remembrance for Nobby Clarke

10 Mar 20 Redid Equipment page with new text and links

10 Mar 20 Repaired link to The Airwaves June 1993 on Dick Cheeseman’s page

9 Mar 20 Adjusted Gate Guardian page

2 Mar 20 Reinstated the following after they went missing from my website software:

2 Oct 19 Added Location map pin for The Manor House Hotel

2 Oct 19 Changed Location map pin for Ted Norman

29 Sep 19 Amended Memorabilia page text to reflect addition of 84th Entry Archives page

29 Sep 19 Added 84th Entry Archives page with photo gallery of 63 items

25 Sep 19 Added 2 images to 84 page 7

16 Sep 19 Added missing photo to Barnes Remembrance and re-did layout and links

30 Aug 19 Added photo to Tony Beard’s Album 2

26 Aug 19 Moved pages and More.., and more.., and even more.. to main menu

26 Aug 19 Added Lights Out page to and more.. page

19 Aug 19 Added link to Manual for Flight Commanders in Youth Schools to even more page

19 Aug 19 Added 60th Reunion 28 July 2019 page

19 Aug 19 Added Manor photos page to Reunion 28 Jul 19

19 Aug 19 Added Reunion photos page to Reunion 28 Jul 19

19 Aug 19 Added two ‘84s’ to 84 page 7

22 Feb 20 Set Recruiting Pamphlet to open at the front page rather than the last on

21 Feb 20 Corrected loading errors with Barnes Remembrance flypast and one photo in the Manor House Hotel gallery

21 Feb 2020 Redid text on Forum page

21 Feb 20 Added photos for 23 Oct 19 to Thrupp page

21 Feb 20 Added 2020 page to change log